Welcome to Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church

SVA Story

Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church officially began November 7th, 1999 in the cafeteria of an Elementary School with one full time and one part time leader, and nine families. Our founding pastor, Monty Wright, wanted to reach the unchurched of the Snoqualmie Valley with the relevant, life changing message of Jesus Christ. SVA's heart has always been to reach people as they are, wherever they are. Valley residents, as well as "Eastsiders" and "Seattleites," have responded to this message in SVA's fun, casual, and friendly environment. During the first year, our church family grew to about 250 people, and we've continued to grow steadily.

While our meeting location has changed a few times over the years, our love for Christ and our passionate desire to make Him known and accessible to the world around us, hasn't changed. Whether you've grown up going to church, or have no church background at all, SVA is a church that loves you just the way you are.

Our Purpose

To lead people to an Encounter with Jesus Christ where they can become members of His family. To Encourage them in Christ-like living, and Equip them to Engage in their ministry, both in the church and in the world so that God's name is Exalted.

Our Mission

To depopulate Hell by being Jesus with skin within the world we live.

Our Vision

A Letter From Pastor Monty:

When I seek God and what He wants for this church, I see...

  • A church where people from all walks of life and of every race will find love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing. In short, I see a true sanctuary, a refuge.
  • A place where people will grow deeper and stronger in their faith in Jesus Christ through groups that minister to the whole person: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.
  • A church where people are empowered and equipped for life and ministry through teaching and practical training.
  • A church where hundreds are actively involved in both short-term and long-term missions projects, reaching our neighbors near and far with the Good News of Jesus.
  • A church that has a heart for families and makes children a priority. A safe place where kids are shown the love of Jesus and prepared for whatever their future holds.
  • A place where teens can find love, acceptance and answers to their questions. A place where they find belonging and can develop their gifts.
  • A church where God's word is spoken in a relevant style, where Sunday's message can be put into action on Monday.
  • A church where worship is authentic and vibrant. A church where God is the focus, and people are encouraged to honor Him with their whole person.

The Scriptures tell us that without vision, the people perish. God has called us to a great "God-sized" future. By His grace, together, we can make an impact in our community and the world!


Our Ethos

  • Pray like it depends on God - Serve like it depends on you
  • Irrelevance is Irreverence
  • Love people when they lease expect it and least deserve it
  • Maturity does not equal conformity
  • Playing it safe is risky
  • Life's a journey and a destination
  • No man is an island
  • Following Jesus is about transformation not information
  • Everything is an experiment
  • The church ought to be the most creative place on earth
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